The Problem

One of the main issues I have with Blockchain transfers is knowing the recipient’s account number, however one the ways Stellar handles this is by allowing users to create their own federation servers, which help to translate the user name into a valid account number. Taking the user name, which looks somewhat like an email, and transforming it into a long string of letters and numbers.

The Solution


  • Built with Go.
  • Containerized
  • Federation server is a REST API that is exposed to the public.
  • Uses the Stellar Network Foundation protocol.


  • Dynamic Memo support

    Add any memo to any transaction by sending the payment to tyler+Thank_You* The text following + is the memo.

    Learn more about Memos at

  • Supports multiple federation domains per servers
  • Supports ID to federation reverse lookups


In the future I would like to expand this service as the protocol evolves.

More Information