JSON Resume

Skills used and tools used: #Jekyll, #JSON, and #Markdown
Written by Tyler La Fronz on October 10, 2021

The Reasoning Behind this Idea

With my passion for backend data processing and the desire to learn more about the world Liquid data formatting and processing, I decided to create a JSON version of my resume and website.


Simple it is easy to process and expand.

Partial JSON Output

    "firstName": "Tyler",
    "lastName": "La Fronz",
    "fullName": "Tyler La Fronz",
    "address": "Marlboro, NJ 07746",
    "phone": "+1 (732) 737-7878",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "pronouns": "he/him/his",
    "description":  "Solution-focused, innovative Full Stack Software Developer with a passion for the field and experience using a wide array of technology.",
    "bullets": [
        "Innovative thought leader with demonstrated experience developing and implementing processes to improve operations.",
        "Proficient at fostering strategic relationships with customers and coworkers to meet company goals.",
        "Proven success at leading cross-functional teams in a variety of settings and ensuring efficient workflows."
    "social": [
            "name": "twitter",
            "url": "https://go.lafro.nz/twitter"
            "name": "instagram",
            "url": "https://go.lafro.nz/instagram"
            "name": "linkedin",
            "url": "https://go.lafro.nz/linkedin"
            "name": "github",
            "url": "https://go.lafro.nz/github"
            "name": "angellist",
            "url": "https://go.lafro.nz/AngelList"
            "name": "keybase",
            "url": "https://go.lafro.nz/keybase"