Skills used and tools used: #Go, #Google-Cloud-Platform, #HTML, and #DNS
Written by Tyler La Fronz on March 15, 2020

The Problem

Go uses URLs as its import path for new packages. At the core, this is not an issue since the major Git Repository Services all have built-in support for Go imports; however, users are unable to brand these public service URLs.

The Solution

As part of my push to teach my self Go, I started reading about how Go imports packages via the go get command. This new knowledge had be on the hunt for a service that would allow me to brand all my Go Modules. I was unable to find anything that was generic enough to work with both my public and private repos. So I created it and named it Vanago, short for Vanity Go.


I am looking to expand this in the future to support multiple Teams/Users on the same URL.

More Information